Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rough Framing Complete

Friday we passed our rough framing inspection...

Framing is complete, windows are in, roof is on -  mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors also passed their rough we have permission to "wrap" the building...Tuesday we start applying building paper to the outside to get weather protected....

View from outside of 
Master Bedroom looking up to Family Room...

View from the new lower Hallway
looking towards Harper's room where
the new upper hallway will go.

After the building is wrapped in paper we can start siding.  The siding comes next week as well but it needs to get painted on the backside before it gets attached to the walls.

In the meantime we can get some other painting done like the exterior windows and we can also start insulating between the walls, under the house and in the roof.

Master Bedroom - the wood flooring came last week and is sitting in the rooms where it will be installed.  It needs to acclimate for about three weeks prior to installation.

Before the floors go on we will most likely drywall so that the floors don't get damaged during drywall installation.

View of Master Bathroom
The Mechanical ducts all run through chases so that none of the
exterior walls' framing was compromised.

View of Kid's bathroom
Dimensioned elevations of each room are still nailed to the walls - these
helped the electricians and the plumbers accurately place their fixtures.

View of North Side of House

The doors and windows are weatherproofed and airtight so even if it rains now we should be safe from getting soaked inside anymore.

The decks are still waiting for us to choose a decking material and come up with a railing design.

View of Family Room looking towards kitchen
One wall still stands between the old house and the new
house - we are waiting to get the building wrapped and
insulated before it comes down.

 North wall of family room -

The vents from the Master Bathroom fixtures come up this wall and exhaust to the roof  - we framed this wall with extra deep studs so that the plumber could cut them up and not compromise their strength.

View of west side of house