Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day three...and more trenching

Last night we had to demolish the gas line to the stove
because it was in the way of the new stair so we're learning how to be survivalists.  We ordered an induction burner to use during construction but until it comes our panini grill is our new stove...

The trenches are getting deeper but from this photo of the overall site it's probably difficult to tell just how deep they are.
So Bea and I will explore them to show scale...

Can you tell how deep this one is?
It's this big!

Bea goes exploring...
...the trenches are so deep Bea needs a bridge to cross them!

The existing footings on the other hand are about one foot deep and sit directly on the ground - but then again the house turns 100 in 2 years and it's still standing! (let's cross our fingers now.)

...and the cast iron sewer that used to be below ground is still working and doesn't have any roots in it - which is pretty incredible considering the roots that we found in the trench...

And here are some of the roots we found ...Bye for today! can get out of there now Bea!

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