Monday, September 27, 2010

Day one...demolition and site staking

The back of the house came off today so that they can see exactly how to shore it up when they take out the footings.  Tomorrow the plumber will come to cut all gas and water lines that are in the way.

Stakes are placed several feet outside the building line to guide the construction crew when they start digging the footings.

a scaffold is put up as they demolish the exterior

they found an old tobacco canister under the house - handwritten on it is a name C.F.Lott and a date '22 - '25...

by 2:30 the temperature hit 112 degrees - it was a record breaker!

at the end of the day they attached a 14" deep paralam beam to the back of the house -
tomorrow they will install the cross beams to support it.  This will free up the footings so that
they can demolish them too eventually.

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