Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Floor Framing

This week the crew layed out the first floor and framed most of the walls.

Chillo lays out the floor plan by measuring and marking the layout on the plywood and snapping lines with colored chalk. The crew then attaches the sill plate and top plate of the walls to the plywood and transfers the layout to the plates.

Framing notes on the plywood...this is where a
window is going.
sketch of a window

The orange lines are the chalk dust
The other colors are showing where the wood studs
and columns should be framed.

The crew turns the sill plates on their
sides and use the framing notes to attach
wood studs to the top and bottom plates.

When two perpendicular walls are done
they lift them into place and nail them.

Holding the walls in place while they are nailed.

The second wall gets lifted into place.

After one day half the walls are up.

After the second day all but one of the first floor walls are framed...below is a view from the corner window of the Master Bedroom.  The stud in the corner is bracing the walls until the beams are framed above.  Eventually the window that goes in here has no corner mullion so that the view will be clear.

View of South wall first floor framed...

Bea and Ella in the Master Bedroom...

View from Bedroom to Bathroom

View from new lower hallway to side yard - after the framing is done there is going to be a lot of grading to do and several garden walls to make to navigate the slopes of the back yard.

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