Saturday, November 20, 2010

Installing the Plywood

After the floor is framed, blocked and all the hardware is attached it's time to attach the plywood.

The plywood went on in lightning speed...A few boards needed some nudging.  The plywood is T&G (Tongue and Groove) so that it holds together better and doesn't settle differently.  When the plywood has square edges there is a better chance that the seams can end up at slightly different heights over time.

Two guys hold the seam together by standing on it while the third knocks it  into the groove...

The Structural Engineer specified the spacing of the nails in the drawing set  that the crew has to follow - this floor is nailed in at 6" centers around the perimeter and 10" centers at the intermediate joists.

e scene - 1

Unfortantely, the girls were so upset that the addition did not include their bedroom that they jumped out the second story window...

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