Friday, October 1, 2010

Day five...getting ready for inspection

Today they trenched two short footings that lead from the addition to the existing house - at this location the bedrock is pretty much at the surface of the natural grade so they are not nearly as deep.  In order to make all the footings relate to each other structurally they need to step and the rebar cages will extend between them so that they can act in unison if there is any lateral movement - which there is a lot of here in Los Angeles (i.e. earthquakes).

Here are some photos of the footings stepping...

where the footing steps at the corner we will need a new sketch from the
structural engineer because it deviates from the plans.  The step was 
required based on the crew following the rule to be 2 feet into bedrock.

This is what it looked like this morning:
movie  of excavation:

This is what it looked like when a freak thunderstorm came through:

Tuesday we will call for our first inspection and we are all hoping it goes well because that will determine the pace of the project.

The rebar is waiting on site and if we pass they can start installing it during the second half of next week and then start pouring concrete the following Monday.  Otherwise....

rebar stirrups for the footings

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