Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking out the Footings

Today they added two additional crossbeams for the shoring and started taking out the footing and excavating for the new and improved footing.  It will take a couple of days because the bedrock happens to be very hard and close to the surface at this location - but this is also good news for us.  Monday morning the Soils Engineer will come and inspect the excavations and if they sign off on everything the crew will begin laying out the steel.

new cross beam and crew excavating

under the house

Because the trenches are so deep they 
needed to set up an elevated ramp to get 
the demolished footing and excavated 
earth out of the way...
here he's dumping a load of
soil onto the pile...

They were adding extra supports to it
even as they were using it!
...going back for more...

...excavating under the supports...

view from the new ramp

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