Monday, October 11, 2010

The Excavations Inspection

Today we had our first inspection.  The soils engineer came out to evaluate the excavations.  He made a sketch of them in plan and then went around the entire site with the contractor and the foreman and surveyed each one for depth from the top of natural grade to the bottom of the footing and also from top of bedrock to the bottom of footing.  

Inspector making the sketch

surveying the excavations

Approval letter 

Now that we have approval on the excavations we can proceed with laying the steel in.  The crew has already started forming the cages that will be set at the bottom of the excavations.  These are for the footings and will be the first concrete pour.  If they get all the bar in place today and tomorrow and we pass the steel inspection on Wednesday we could pour concrete as early as Thursday.

They build the cages outside of the trenches and then lay them on top of spacers which are little blocks of concrete.  

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