Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stem Wall Layout and Steel Inspection

Yesterday and this morning they finished placing the vertical bars that would tie the footings into the cast-in-place concrete stem walls.  To facilitate laying the vertical bars out the crew constructed guides out of wood studs that were surveyed according to the plan and then staked into the ground.

The wood studs are layed out at the centerline
of the exterior walls.  The vertical rebar then gets attached to it
so that it stays true during the pour.

Rebar "L's" get connected to center of footing and wood studs.

Steel is done and awaits inspection by the city.

Inspector reviewing steel placement

After verifying that we had all the necessary reports (Soils Engineer certificate for excavations, Deputy Inspector approval of epoxy into existing footings and Structural Engineer Observation Report) the City Inspector performs his own review of the steel placement.  

There is always a little variation from what is drawn exactly on the plans due to the site conditions.  In our case the inspector has asked for two corrections.  The crew made the corrections and the inspector will come back tomorrow morning.  If the inspector gets to the site before 11 am and approves the adjustments we can pour the concrete at 1 pm.  Otherwise...the concrete pour gets moved to Monday!

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